Wednesday, August 19, 2009

-Rosalilia Mendoza

We are wombyn

We are one with each other

We are one with the earth

Our tierra madre

We are born to a universal womb

The umbilical cord of

stars and galaxies

is attached to our belly buttons

when our hearts first beat

it beats as one

can you feel it?

The moon guides our fertility cycle

The ocean heals our broken bones

The sun gives us our creativity

And the dirt feeds our babies

With riquezas de frutas y vegetales

Maíz, frijol, granada

We are one

Our tierra madre

Can you see her?

She is crying

When it rains

She is dying

When there's flames

on her greens

right now, our cycle is broken

its dry and hot in January

the flowers stop blooming

in may

because there were no

april showers

it snows in august

how could this happen?

No one hears our mother cry

As they silently but violently

Rape her with skyscrapers

Roads, bridges, cars, planes

Sweatshops, maquiladoras

Every night, she hurts

Every day, we do nothing

Our mother is silently crying

Our mother is silently fighting

Our mother is silently dying

What are we doing

To defend her?

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