Tuesday, June 9, 2009

3rd flier....I think I'm getting better.

But on a more serious note, come through to the Open Mic Series I'm organzing!

WHAT: In collaboration with Still Waters Poetry Collective, we will be dropping a MKE Summer open mic series for youth & young adults

WHEN: This series will run from Tuesday June 16th through August 18th (7-close)

WHERE: Two different locations will be utilized: Brewed at 1208 Brady St. and Taste of Art on 47th and Lisbon

WHY: The purpose of this series is to provide a place for youth and young adults to come, meet, build community and share their art, music, poetry, and spirit. There will be at least an hour block after 9pm to kick it, freestyle, etc. The venues will alternate weekly. The idea behind this is to build community that will travel to the other location the following week.

If you have any questions, would like to host or feature hit up:

Jeanette Martin (414)758-0199 jeanette.mrtn@gmail.com


Alida Cardos Whaley (262)352-6036

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